I love creating and have been
doing so professionally since 2010.

As a seasoned web and graphic designer, I’m passionate about crafting purposeful digital experiences. Proficient in both front-end development and back-end systems integration, my comprehensive skillset brings innovative solutions to each project.

Skilled in both web development and graphic design, I adopt a versatile approach to crafting websites that meet diverse functional requirements. My expertise spans from working with WordPress, developing online booking systems, e-commerce platforms, and secure payment gateways to managing membership sign-ups and efficient data capture.

I bring years of experience to web development, complemented by my proficiency in graphic design, which enhances the visual appeal and user experience of the websites I create.

Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Back-end: PHP, CMS Platforms

  • 2021 · Head of Web Design and Development
    Lightwell Digital
  • 2011 · Senior Web Developer and Designer
    Networds Digital Marketing Agency
  • 2010 · Mid-level Web Designer
    That’s Hot Promotions
  • 2008 · Diploma Course in Multimedia Design and Production
    CityVarsity School of Media and Creative Arts
  • 2005 · Marketing and Sales Consultant
    Citroen Atlantic Car Dealership
  • 2000 · Diploma Course in Advertising & Copy Writing
    Advertising College of SA